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Aspire Trust is committed to producing arts practice which has a social purpose, uses high quality participatory techniques and is presented in a wide range of public spaces. We aim to use creative and collaborative arts practice to identify the things that matter to people, to engage them in connecting them to their communities and the wider world and to tell tales that need to be told.

Production and Events

What we can do for you…

Do you have an arts production you have been dreaming about for years? Do you want to engage in a new way of thinking about audiences, participation, community, income generation and sustainability?

Whether you have a fully developed idea which needs implementing , or a vague idea of what could be a world changing event – we are here to help.

Why not just get in touch and see how we can help you?

Research and Evaluation

What we can do for you…

Do you have a particular research challenge which requires a unique and innovative methodological approach? Which speaks with people in ways that traditional research does not? Which knows how to apply both quantitative and qualitative approaches with integrity, intelligence and inspiration? Which is robust, rigorous and grounded in state of the art theoretical challenges and practical realities?

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Teaching and Learning

What we can do for you…

With learning at the heart of our all our work – whether with 3 year olds or 93 year olds - we offer a unique, arts and creative based to learning and teaching which is truly person centred.

If you’re looking for an inspirational, sustainable and challenging approach to learning and teaching, then we are here to help.

Why not just get in touch and see how we can help you?

Our Posts

What did the Romans ever do for us? Why community music making needn’t suffer when the Romans leave town. A call out to community musicians!

I’ve been invited by Lee Higgins and Brydie-Leigh Bartlett to contribute a chapter to the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Community Music (OHCM). The aim of their book is to present a collective statement that shows how community music is often part of a larger eco-system of arts education. The mixture of chapters from both emerging […]

Centres, boundaries and peripheries: some thinking about Public Sector Innovation at OCF2014

I’ve been fortunate to have been invited back to Oman this month to contribute to this year’s Oman Competitiveness Forum and its work on theme of Public Sector Innovation. I’ve had lots of dealings with the public sector in recent years; either working within it, or outside it or in its boundaries so I’m looking forward […]

An Aspire Promotion: North West tour of Songs of Freedom: Music as Reflection, Expression and a Tool for Social Change

We are delighted to let you know about a new collaboration between the Aspire Trust and the Canadian arts education company, Overture with the Arts. In October 2014, Overture with the Arts will be bringing their new production “Songs of Freedom: Music as Reflection, Expression and a Tool for Social Change” to schools in North […]

MASIS Call Out! Mobility And Sickness Information Service – sharing good practice, promoting healthier and more inclusive societies

Mobility And Sickness Information Service (MASIS)  promotes good practice and identifies the need to create more socially inclusive and equal societies for disabled people and individuals with long-term medical conditions as well as being of assistance to their carers, friends and families. Cultural and educational issues are also important to address and the reason why […]

Making an aspirational difference: a view from our Aspire Serbia Associate, Jelena Luetic

We firs met Jelena Luetic back in 2009 together with Camilla Lokvig to establish what was a unique project: PASCO,  a programme of creative and artistic interventions designed to improve local skills, creative enterprise and artistic confidence.  Not knowing anything about Serbia at the time (other than what the press would report), the idea of […]

Making an aspirational difference: a view from our Aspire India Associate, Suverchala Kashyap

in 2010 we ran our first ever All Our Futures conference at Oldershaw School in the Wirral and were delighted to host over 50 Principals from all over India for what turned out to be the first of many positive relationships and exchanges between schools in India and across Merseyside. One of the shining lights […]

Making an aspirational difference: a view from our Nigerian Associate, Prinicipal Awopeju Olajide

Aspire has been committed to developing international relationships and programmes for many years now and has built up a strong network of colleagues across Europe, Africa, Australia and China.  One of our longest standing colleagues is Mr. Awopeju Olajide, Principal of Ambassadors College in Ile-Ife, Nigeria, and also our Aspire Nigeria Associate.   As well […]

Making an aspirational difference: a view from our Interns

Part of Aspire’s mission is to provide high quality learning experiences for everyone: whether you’re 3 or 93.  Over the last year, we have had the opportunity to work with some great young interns from the USA, Russia and Serbia and have provided them with some learning experiences we hope they’ll never forget! Paddy Pender […]

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